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请问质量差的是in low quAlity还是 in BAD quAlity?

Low quality 但是用poor quality也很好



A 试题分析:介词短语辨析。A就…而言;B另外;C因为;D平均;句意:就质量和数量来说,对于电影来说这是一个不好的年份。根据句意说明A正确。点评:介词短语一直是命题者常设置的考点和重点,平时要加强记忆。本题的四个选项都很重要,尤其要注...

you should consider that when we use a USB stick, we hope the data will be safe in the first place! so you are suggested to buy some brands with reliable quality on the market. if the USB has quality problem and caused the loss...

选择in terms of 下面是俩个短语的用法,意思上来说是没什么差别。 我是凭感觉来的。呵呵~~下面的希望能够给你点提示。 according to (1) 根据,按照(1) (主要引出状语)。 Everything went off according to plan. 一切都按照计划实现了。 Accor...


more and more people are complaining about the bad quality of 越来越多的人抱怨坏的质量

But in a team, over individuality is a bad thing. It may make the ...the information liberally to the teamers will affect the quality of the ...

你如何配置你的数据库环境? 最后一个单词认不得!呵呵,别笑我!不一定准确。。

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